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Schools in our Federation are served by a single governing body, The New Wave Federation Governing Board. The board works in a strategic capacity to ensure accountability and to maintain high standards across the federation.

Governors are responsible for:

  • setting the vision, ethos and strategic direction for the Federation, which includes agreeing priorities, policies and targets for all our schools

  • monitoring the educational attainment of pupils and holding school leaders to account for any improvements need to be made

  • ensuring our schools’ financial resources are properly and effectively spent

The Governing Board

Sets the strategic direction of the school by:

  • Setting the values, aims and objectives for the Federation

  • Agreeing the policy framework for achieving those aims and objectives

  • Setting targets

  • Agreeing the school improvement strategies which includes approving the budget and agreeing the staffing structure

Challenges and supports the federation by monitoring, reviewing and evaluating:

  • The implementation and effectiveness of the policy framework

  • Progress towards targets

  • The implementation and effectiveness of the school improvement strategies

  • The budget and the staffing structure

Ensures accountability by:

  • Reviewing and signing off the school’s own self-evaluation report

  • Responding to Ofsted reports when necessary

  • Holding the Executive Headteacher to account for the performance of the school

  • Ensuring parents and pupils are involved, consulted and informed as appropriate

  • Making information available to the school community

The governing board also:

Appoints and performance manages the Executive Headteacher who will deliver the aims (through the day to day management of the schools, implementation of the agreed policy framework and school improvement strategy and delivery of the curriculum) and report appropriately to the Governing Board.

To find out more information on school governing bodies, please see the following websites: