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Apple Distinguished School

We are pleased that New Wave Federation has been recognised as an Apple Distinguished School for 2021-2024, for our continuous innovation in learning, teaching and the school environment. We are very proud that all schools in our federation have this recognition. 

Apple Distinguished Schools are centres of innovation, leadership, and educational excellence. They use Apple technology to connect students to the world, fuel creativity, deepen collaboration, and make learning personal.


Equitable access to technology and the skills to use it thoughtfully and productively are integral to our vision of ‘Excellence for All’. We provide possibilities and opportunities to our students, so that they develop their mindset for success. Due to its accessible and transformative potential, Apple technology drives this vision and provides staff and pupils with the power of choice.  We grew our 1:1 programme to incorporate all children from Year 3-6 because children and teachers wanted more freedom in their task design and richer contexts for their learning experiences. Our dynamic environments provide pupils the freedom to choose not only how they showcase their understanding but where they choose to do so. 


Tools such as Everyone Can Create and resources from Apple Teacher Learning Center have redefined our professional development offer, allowing teachers to grow professionally and explore new ways to design learning.

Through the use of digital technology, teachers are curators for their pupils, guiding them on their learning journey by providing the connective knowledge that informs pupils’ next steps in their development of meaningful schemata. Instruction and content are directed to the pupils when they need it, including diagnostic feedback, scaffolds or further challenges, which are delivered consistently using iPad.

All pupils develop critical thinking and creative production skills that empower them to make meaningful choices about the ways in which they express their understanding and ideas about the world. To achieve this, we have created and maintained an environment in which digital learning is fully integrated into pupils’ daily experience. By supporting all families to access technology beyond the walls of the school, we have redefined how and where learning takes place.

We have forged links with educational charities and creative industries who collaborate with teachers to design real-world learning opportunities for wide-reaching audiences.


We sustain innovation by establishing opportunities to measure impact and drive change. We gather data that enables us to share success with all stakeholders along with the wider education community. 

Our teachers raise the bar for what is possible in their classrooms by encouraging pupils to investigate concepts, showcase their creativity and apply their skills in myriad contexts. This has led to the creation of the digital book, New Wave Can Create, which showcases how teachers across the federation have transformed learning for their pupils.

The data we gather from pupil and parent surveys has ensured that all parents understand the value of learning with technology. Parent expectation and confidence has changed due to this engagement, allowing us to provide more ambitious learning experiences with technology.

92% of Teachers strongly agree that teaching with iPad provides more opportunity for creativity
86% of Families feel that children benefit from using technology in the classroom
93% of Pupils prefer lessons where they are given the choice in how to express what they know

What's Next?

Our change to lesson design and infrastructure has made a significant impact on practices throughout our three schools. To carry this forward we maintain a commitment to professional development and celebration of success. Now that our pupils use their devices at home we intend to strengthen teachers’ task design to increase outcomes for children anytime, anywhere. 

What does learning look like at New Wave?

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How do we ensure learning is accessible?

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How does teacher use of technology develop?

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